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"Holiday on the border of the Charente and Dordogne"
BonAbri Vacances lies in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
On the border of the Charente and Dordogne regions.
BonAbri is the ideal base for all your trips and excursions in the region.
Within 650 meters you are in the Dordogne for a pleasant walk or bike ride.

The Charente and Dordogne have a pleasant climate, tranquility, space, breathtaking scenery and vistas.
The regions that offers everything that makes a holiday in France so attractive ...
Where ever you go, you will find monuments and landmarks that evoke a rich history and culture, taking you back in time .
There are also charming towns where you can shop or enjoy a drink on a terrace as you while away the hours.

25 km south east of Angouleme, the capitol of Manga.
5 km from the beautiful tourist town of Villebois - Lavalette.

Villebois Lavalette
Saturday until 12:30
in the covered market square
July 2020
Villebois - Music festival
During one week, all kinds orchestras, singers and bands act in Villebois area.
The last day will be Blanzaguet - within walking distance of the BonAbri.
costs: Low
There are here in the Charente many routes.
All trips have a minimum of 2 degrees - from simple to hard routes.
One of the routes goes almost along BonAbri.
The routes are clearly signposted.
Route maps are available at the tourist office in Villebois.
3 routes starting from 10 upto 40 km
In the tourist office in Villebois are some maps for walking
The tourist office in Villebois gives you all the information.
Single licenses can also be purchased there.
Chateau Villebois Lavalette
Click on the image for more information.
Ronald Akkerman
La Chaussade, 16320 Blanzaguet, France
Tel : 05 45 25 49 13
Impasse de la Republigue, 16 Chazelles, France
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