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Food & drinks
Tasty & Healthy
A bed & breakfast without a decent breakfast is not a real bed & breakfast.
Therefore we have a decent and extensive French / continental breakfast buffet.
From Viennoiseries and French bread to freshly ground coffee and orange juice.

We understand that guests are not only hungry and thirsty during breakfast.
With the self-service bar, which is open day and night, we hope to be able to help the somewhat thirsty persons

The tables d'hôtes - the menu of the day - is suitable for all customers.
The daily menus are decent, extensive and of good quality.
The main dish consists of a decent piece of meat, several kinds of vegetables with potatoes or rice, etc (no chips).
A cheese board with local and the more unknown French cheeses.
The dessert with homemade and local desserts.

The following are used as much as possible for the meals:
 local and fair trade products    eco-friendly ingredients    the best possible quality    homemade products  

Attention !!!
The tables d'hôtes always start between 7.30 pm and 8 pm
Please make a reservation before 6.00 pm
In the high season there is no tables d'hôtes on Thursdays
Petit déjeuner - Breakfast
Included in the room price
Monday to friday :  6.30 am to 9.30 am
Saturdays from :     7.30 am to 10.00 am
Sundays from :       7.30 am to 10.00 am
Minimum 2 types of (baguette) bread
Viennoiseries (croissant, chocolate bread, raisin bread...)
Coffee, tea, milk, chocolate milk
Fruit juice
Butter, jam, yogurt
Toast, crackers, crispbread
Eggs, pancakes
Croissant and various types of bread, cereals and toast. Honey, Nutella assorted butters and jams. Coffee from freshly ground beans, hot chocolate, milk, orange juice and a variety of types and flavors of tea.
Various types of cheese including goat cheese and local cheeses
Table d'hôtes - dining
Menu of the day           =>   19 €
Desserts from                 =>      3
Book early to avoid disappointment
Menu of the day / week
Main course + cheese board
The main course :
- 150 to 200 gram of meat
- At least 2 kinds of vegetables
- Baked potatoes, gratin, rice or pasta (depending on the main course)
The cheese platter :
- 4 or more special French cheeses, including local cheeses
The Desserts :
- Mousse, ice cream, pastries ...
Fridge stocked with all kinds of soft drinks, juices, beers and local wine
The honesty bar
The self-service bar is open day and night
Checkout at the following breakfast
Soft drinks                            33 cl   =>   1,50
Fruit juices                           25 cl   =>   1,50 €
Beer - 1664                         33 cl   =>   1,50 €
Beer alcohol-free                25 cl   =>  1.50 €
Beer - La Rainette Bio - Chazelles
"Blonde" / "Blanche" / "Ambrée"  33 cl  => 5,00 €
"Blonde" / "Blanche" / "Ambrée" 75 cl  =>  9,50 €
Wine - St Sornin - 7 km
Wine - red / white / rosé       12 cl   =>    2.00 €
Wine - red / white / rosé       25 cl   =>    3.50 €
Wine - red / white / rosé       50 cl   =>    6.50 €
Wine - red / white / rosé     100 cl   =>  12.00 €

Chambres et table d'hôtes BonAbri Vacances
Siret: 803.803.725.00024
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