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Food & drinks
Tasty & Healthy
A bed & breakfast without a decent breakfast is not a real bed & breakfast.
Therefore we have a decent and extensive French / continental breakfast buffet.
From Viennoiseries and French bread to freshly ground coffee and orange juice.

We understand that guests are not only hungry and thirsty during breakfast.
With the self-service bar, which is open day and night, we hope to be able to help the somewhat thirsty persons

The tables d'hôtes - the day menu - is suitable for all customers.
The daily menus are decent, extensive and of good quality.
The main dish consists of a decent piece of meat, several kinds of vegetables with potatoes or rice, etc (no chips).
A cheese board with local and the more unknown French cheeses.
The dessert with homemade and local desserts.

The following are used as much as possible for the meals:
 local and fair trade products    eco-friendly ingredients  the best possible quality   homemade products

Attention !!!
The tables d'hôtes always start between 7.30 pm and 8 pm
In the high season there is no tables d'hôtes on Thursdays
Petit déjeuner - Breakfast
Included in the room price
Monday to friday :  6.30 am to 9.30 am
Saturdays from :     7.30 am to 10.00 am
Sundays from :       7.30 am to 10.00 am
Minimum 2 types of (baguette) bread
Viennoiseries (croissant, chocolate bread, raisin bread...)
Coffee, tea, milk, chocolate milk
Fruit juice
Butter, jam, yogurt
Toast, crackers, crispbread
Ham / cheese / eggs / pancakes
Croissant and various types of bread, cereals and toast. Honey, Nutella assorted butters and jams. Coffee from freshly ground beans, hot chocolate, milk, orange juice and a variety of types and flavors of tea.
Various types of cheese including goat cheese and local cheeses
Table d'hôtes - dining
Menu of the day           =>   19 €
Desserts from                 =>      4
Book early to avoid disappointment
Menu of the day / week
Main course + cheese board

The main course :
- 150 to 200 gram of meat
- At least 2 kinds of vegetables
- Baked potatoes, gratin, rice or pasta (depending on the main course)
The cheese board :
- 4 to 6 special French cheeses, including some local cheeses
The Desserts :
- Mousse, ice cream, pastries, some are homemade
Fridge stocked with all kinds of soft drinks, juices, beers and local wine
The honesty bar
The self-service bar is open day and night
Checkout at the following breakfast
Soft drink                            33 cl   =>  1,50
Fruit juice                           25 cl   =>  1,50 €
Beer - 1664                         33 cl   =>  1,50 €
Beer alcohol-free                25 cl   =>  1.50 €

Local drinks
Beer - La Rainette
"Blonde" / "Blanche" / "Ambrée" 33 cl  => 5,00 €
"Blonde" / "Blanche" / "Ambrée" 75 cl  =>  9,50 €
Wine - St Sornin
Wine - red / white / rosé     25 cl   => 3.00 €
Wine - red / white / rosé     50 cl   => 5.50 €

Chambres et table d'hôtes BonAbri Vacances
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